What is Energy Healing?
Energy healing is a method of healing that influences the subtle energy systems of the body (or rather bodies) with the goal of ensuring the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing of a person. The human body is a complete energy system in tune with the Universe. Any imbalance in the body would create obstruction in the flow of energy, which results in illness. Basically, energetic healing is trying to ensure that the energy flow within the body moves unobstructed.
   How Will I Feel After an Energy Healing Session?
Your experience will be unique to you. However, most report:

- Heightened energy and a feeling of well-being
- Feeling “lighter" and more optimistic
- Greater clarity and an ability to get things done
- If deeper issues are worked on, you might also experience:

Low Energy or Fatigue – You may have spent years suppressing your true feelings and past events. Therefore, you might feel a temporary low as your body assimilates the release of the blocked energy and integrates the new ideal energy of Divine Love.

Feeling Very Emotional – You may experience sudden waves of emotions that you previously suppressed. Feelings of anger, sadness, anxiety, or fear may bubble to the surface. Don't try to ignore or stuff these feelings down. Instead, allow them the space to simply just be. You might even say to the feeling, “I hear you.” Thank the feeling for trying to protect you and then allow it to drain away.

Vivid Dreams – This is your psyche’s way of processing the healing. Consider keeping a journal of your dreams. Your dreams often provide valuable information that can further your healing process.

  What are the Post-Care procedures?
Drink Water: As blocked energy is cleansed, cleared and released, it may release mild toxins in the body. To avoid feeling achy or run down, it is highly recommend that you drink plenty of water immediately following a session and for the next 12-24 hours.

Take an Epsom Salt Bath: Detoxifying your body by bathing is an ancient remedy. A detox bath is thought to assist your body in eliminating toxins as well as absorbing the minerals and nutrients that are in the water.

Practice Extreme Self-Care: Following an energy healing session, if “stuff” comes up for you, it is very important to pamper yourself, or as Cheryl Richardson likes to call it to practice “extreme self-care.” Journal, take a walk, do some yoga, listen to guided meditations, get a massage, pat your dog or sit with your cat (animals are natural healers), etc.
   Signs that Energy Healing is Working
The results of an energy healing session can be quite dramatic. Aches and pains disappear, debilitating fears melt away never to be felt again, and new positive behaviors are suddenly easy to implement and stick with. Other times the shifts are subtle or occur gradually.

Remember healing is very much a co-creation between your higher self and Divine Source Energy. Some individuals are open and receptive to having miracles occur in their lives. While others, on a subconscious level, are more comfortable with a gradual integration and transformation.

In all cases some form of HEALING HAS OCCURRED. It’s important to look for and recognize both the obvious results as well as the more subtle shifts.

The subtle shifts are:

- You suddenly feel inspired to take action (even a baby step) in a new direction, after days, weeks, or months of feeling indecisive or unmotivated.
- Your days are now filled with a general sense of well-being and optimism.
- The intensity of your “negative” feelings (anger, sadness, disappointment, anxiety, etc.) have significantly softened or lessened.
- Wonderful synchronicities are suddenly happening in your life. The right people, experiences, and opportunities are suddenly, effortlessly appearing.
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